Planning & Consulting

Planning and consulting

Planning & Implementing Digital Ideas.

Are you seeking advice from an expert? You’ve come to the right place. We implement digital ideas for business startups seizing an opportunity or for established businesses looking to move further into the digital realm.

At Back40, our foundation is designing and developing custom websites, and as our customers have grown, we've grown to meet their needs - but it all comes down to ideas and the ability to implement those ideas. We’ve learned that the best way to do that is through communicating the strategy of the project, outlining the goals, and creating measurable results.

A marketing plan is really just a series of ideas that need to be implemented over time. The ideas all need to support defined goals and the results need to be measured. We’re your implementation team.

Digital Marketing Plan

Back40 researches, develops and implements a marketing plan customized to fit your business and your budget. Your plan can span across a few weeks to a few months to a calendar year depending on your goals. Your digital marketing plan can include:

Experience Back40 Design

We invite you to tap into 17 years of digital design experience. We look forward to planning, implementing and supporting your digital design project.

Digital Content Planning

Do people really read everything on the web? Yes some do ─ but most people just scan for the information they need.

Content planning for the digital media is a specialized skill. It's a process where content is developed and then tested and then adjusted. Content isn’t just text on a web page. Planning successful content includes developing effective messaging, engaging narratives and graphics that explain quickly. It's a cohesive plan that once implemented, can be measured, updated and tweaked for increase effectiveness.

Back40 Design - Edmond, OK | Content ConsultingContent Planning:
Custom Infographics

Here is an example of a digital infographic Back40 created for a medical practitioner in Oklahoma City who specializes in lap band surgeries.

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Web Application Consulting

The web moves fast, we can help you leverage web programming to facilitate business processes. It takes planning, understanding what web programming can and can’t do. It often takes a consulting team who will take the time to understand your business and calculate procedures that will net you results. 

Providence Working Canines - Custom Web ApplicationWeb Consulting:
Custom Web App

Providence Canines provides service dogs that detect weapons and illegal contraband in the workplace and educational institutions. Canine handlers needed to report from the field through a specialized iPad application.

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