Planning & Consulting

Planning and consulting

Planning & Implementing Digital Ideas

Are you seeking expert advice? You’ve come to the right place. We implement digital ideas for business startups seizing an opportunity, and for established businesses looking to move further into the digital realm.

Back40's foundation is designing and developing custom websites. While we've grown to meet our clients' needs, we've grown our scope into digital idea implementation. We work directly with our clients to determine the project strategy, outline the goals, and achieve measurable results. 

A marketing plan is really just a series of ideas that need to be implemented. These ideas need to support defined goals, and the results need to be measured. We're your team for digital strategy, setting goals, implementing ideas, measuring results, and iterating on those ideas.

Digital Marketing Plan

Back40 researches, develops, and implements a marketing plan customized to fit your business and your budget. Your plan can span across a few weeks to a few months to a calendar year depending on your marketing goals. Your digital marketing plan can include:

Experience Back40 Design

We invite you to tap into our 18 years of digital design experience. We look forward to planning, implementing and supporting your digital strategy.