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Meet Peachwave Frozen Yogurt 9 Year Client

Peachwave was one of the first frozen yogurt brands to begin using the "self-serve" model, which allows customers to create your own “froyo” masterpiece in a bowl. This model allows customers to choose portion size, yogurt flavors and toppings. Peachwave has also been a pioneer in developing an innovative brand licensing system. This business model allows licensees the support and freedom to thrive in their communities.

9 Year Client

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt Website Peachwave Frozen Yogurt Website

Self-Serve Information System for Frozen Yogurt Shops

With licensees and locations across North America, Peachwave needed an easy-to-use process for their operators to order materials and access brand assets.

Login, Order and Pay. Keeping it Simple

Back40 developers met with Peachwave operation leadership to understand the existing store ordering process and identify the pain points. Together, we methodically reviewed the ordering process - what kind of worked and what didn’t and what needed to be completely redeveloped.

Our goal was to eliminate the need for multiple login sessions, redundant tasks, and consolidate ordering systems.

Ease of use for the licensees as well as the Peachwave administrators was key to the project. One major pain-point of the existing system for both licensees and Peachwave administrators was the ordering and payment system, moving forward our goal was developing an ordering system that seamless integrated with Quickbooks Online.

Our development team mapped processes, created wireframes and mockups. Plans were presented, revised and approved. Coding was developed and user tested. Interfaces we created and integrated with code. The project was tested and released.

The new website and application allows Peachwave headquarters to add new inventory for licensees to order online. Licensees can browse the store for all their operation needs: yogurt base mixes, toppings, flavoring syrup and powder, flavoring syrup and powder, gift cards, maintenance and machine parts, uniforms, disposables, and more.

It’s as easy as checking off which items they need, entering the quantity, and submitting the order for fulfillment.

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The Cherry On Top

licensees ordering
“The Peachwave online ordering system is the lifeblood of our operation. Back40 has been with us from the start as we designed/built this system. With their expertise, guidance, and project management skills, we have developed a streamlined online order process our customers rely on daily for the success of their business."
Matt Hering
Matt Hering, Chief Intelligence Officer
Peachwave Frozen Yogurt & Gelato
"Integrating third party systems is always a fun and exciting challenge. Peachwave was great about working with us and providing us with everything we needed to make this project successful.”
Brady Christopher
Brady Christopher
Frontend Developer, Back40 Design
“Peachwave is a wonderful partner. Matt and Boyd at Peachwave are always open to our suggestions whenever we find solutions for their ever-changing working environment.”
Rachel Morse
Rachel Morse
Client Success Manager, Back40 Design

Web Design, Marketing

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