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Meet Nelson Landscaping 10 Year Client

Nelson Landscaping is one of the largest design+build landscape companies serving residential and commercial clients in the Oklahoma City metro area. They pride themselves on the quality of work their team provides each client. Every person on the team embodies the Nelson core values: attitude, loyalty, absolute integrity, and quality. It’s a company that really understands excellent customer service leads to growth and success. As you can see in their growing social media following and online reviews, you can count on Nelson Landscaping to deliver excellent service in a timely manner with the respect you deserve.

10 Year Client

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Developing a Long-term Relationship

Nelson Landscaping had been (and still is) advertising in the Edmond Outlook Magazine for several years. But owner Andy Nelson was ready to take the company to the next level. It was time to expand into digital marketing. He needed a new website (one that was mobile-friendly) and wanted to start advertising on Google. 

Having a relationship with us for several years through the Outlook, Andy knew he could trust the Back40 team with his digital marketing and website. Month over month and year over year, Back40’s plan continues to increase business. Each success has led to more services and more leads for landscaping services in the greater OKC Metro area.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy

All roads lead to your website. An effective website that supports business goals is the core of a successful digital marketing campaign. With the website built and goals identified, we turned our focus to building a digital marketing campaign to drive traffic to the website (and ultimately generate new leads to Nelson Landscaping).

It all started with paid search on Google.

Why? Because paid search is a highly effective tactic to capture users actively searching for your business’ services – for example, those searching “landscaping services Edmond” on Google – which is exactly who we wanted.

It’s a perfect starting place for (most) businesses. Your low-hanging fruit. Paid search can produce the quickest, highest ROI with the proper structure and ongoing optimization.

However, paid search only captures a segment of potential customers.

As Nelson’s business grew and the advertising budget increased, Back40 expanded the digital marketing strategy to include more tactics (but not limited to):

  • Content writing services to add several keyword-rich webpages which resulted in a 71% increase in new users to the website and a 117% increase in conversions from the SEO/organic search efforts
  • Social media ads and organic posts helped build a stronger relationship with customers resulting in a 55% increase in Facebook page likes and doubling the conversions received via social media channels
  • Continuous optimizations to the paid search campaign captured more qualified searchers resulting in slightly fewer new users to the website, but a 55% increase in average session duration and 8% increase in conversions

A holistic digital marketing strategy reaches your audience at every stage of the customer journey – introducing customers to your brand, building a trusting relationship with them through storytelling (and distinctive photography), and staying relevant so they don’t even consider a competitor when they need your services.

Building a strategic combination of digital marketing tactics is exceptionally effective – Nelson Landscaping’s results prove it.

Growth Across All Channels

increase in website conversions
increase in average
website session
increase in new
organic search
increase in organic
search conversions
increase in Facebook
page likes
increase in Instagram
“I have been working with Back40 for years. They’re experts at what they do. I trust them and appreciate their communication style. Their digital marketing efforts have brought us consistent growth, year after year – allowing me to stay focused on running my company and working with our clients."
Andy Nelson
Andy Nelson, Owner
Nelson Landscaping
“It’s great working with local companies like Nelson Landscaping that really understand customer service – their values align perfectly with Back40’s and it’s helped grow our strong partnership over the years.“
Jennay Wangen
Jennay Wangen
Operations Manager, Back40 Design
“By having the ability to see how all facets of their digital marketing campaign work together has continued to bring success for Nelson Landscaping. Personally, the most rewarding part about working with Nelson is their willingness to test new tactics to grow their brand."
Kari England
Kari England
Digital Account Manager, Back40 Design

Web Design, Marketing

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