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Meet Love Without Boundaries 8 Year Client

Founded in 2003, Love Without Boundaries (LWB) is an international non-profit organization working to transform the lives of orphaned and impoverished children ─ and, a long-term Back40 client. LWB provides hope and healing to children and their underserved communities every day through its education, nutrition, medical, and foster care programs.

8 Year Client

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Building Websites that Educate
and Inspire Donation

LWB originally came to Back40 in 2011. They needed a single source for all of their organizational design, digital marketing and website services. We understood their mission, and as a full-service design and digital marketing firm, we were a perfect fit.

Through the years of our working relationship, Back40’s team has designed, developed, and supported four LWB organizational websites, including:

Each LWB website has its own specific mission and audience.

Love Without Boundaries

The main LWB website is at the core. It communicates the vision and mission, drawing supporters in through intentional imagery and design. Thoughtful messaging, structured content and clear navigation promote ways get involved: time, advocacy, and of course - financially.

The LWB donation options go beyond the standard "request for donation" forms. Our in-house team designed, prototyped and developed donation systems that allow visitors to easily sponsor a child, support a specific program, and create a fundraiser.

Most importantly for donors, the main LWB website provides easy access to detailed annual reports, transparent financial statements, as well as transformational stories from LWB children.

The Love Without Boundaries Spain provides a similar yet abbreviated version of the main website targeted specifically to the Spanish demographic

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Adopt Special Needs

Every child deserves a family. As an extension to their adoption services, LWB created Adopt Special Needs to address the questions and break down the barriers preventing special needs children from being adopted.

The website serves as a guide for those considering adopting children with special needs. Explore the various conditions and circumstances encompassed in the “special needs” category, draw inspiration from families who’ve been through the process, and find resources for more information to take the next steps on your adoption journey.

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LWB Community

LWB is making a difference for children across the world. The Community website is a blog where the LWB team shares the latest success stories about the LWB children. With thousands of stories to read, a prominent search is key. And, for those wanting to understand the impact of their donation, a prominent subscription option is equally important.

The blog is managed in WordPress while the primary website was custom-built in our JavelinCMS. You wouldn’t be able to tell, though. A seamless design and integration keeps the user flow consistent as you browse from blog to website to blog again – an important feature for those researching the nonprofit before donating.

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Investing in Accountability

Nonprofits are constantly scrutinized for their use of donor dollars, and rightfully so. LWB understands that. Each year, they go above and beyond to make sure their annual reports are engaging and accurate – providing a superior experience for the donors that truly make their organization. Each year, Back40 contributes to this experience by building an interactive, custom-designed digital annual report. It gives us the opportunity to explore new ways to develop animations and interactions that create memorable experiences for users. View the 2018 Annual Report.


Delivering Brands through Print Design

While most donations are processed through the website, LWB still heavily relies on traditional donations and annual appeals to donors. To expand the LWB brand offline and to deliver their brand to your mailbox, Back40 designed several printed materials targeting supporters.


Love Without Boundaries Print Design Love Without Boundaries Print Design

Supporting Continuous Traffic

$9,000,000+ $9M+ donations processed
500,000+ 500K+ website visitors
(and counting)
“It’s so wonderful to work with a company who takes the time to get to know the clients they help. When we contact them about new features we would like to see, it is like speaking to a friend, and I know they really want to help us succeed."
Amy Eldridge
Amy Eldridge, Executive Director
Love Without Boundaries
“Some projects just touch your heart. Some project make you feel like you are part of something bigger. Our work with Love Without Boundaries does that. We are not only proud of the design, and programming that goes into these website - we are proud to play a small part in their success.“
Dave Miller
Dave Miller
Founder & CEO, Back40 Design
“I’ve had the privilege of working with Amy on several Love Without Boundaries projects. It’s rewarding to see the impact of an organization that you’ve worked with. I look forward to our partnership and helping increase LWB’s world-wide impact.”
Zack Walker
Zack Walker
Sr. Graphic Designer, Back40 Design

Web Design, Marketing

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