What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

The past couple months have been super busy for us; we launched 37 websites and designed 17 new logos for clients. And even with all of that great work, we still got some time off.

Back40 Design flag on Pikes Peak in Colorado
We are adventurers at Back40. This summer we staked our claim at the beach, the lake and even 14,000 feet high at Pikes Peak in Colorado.

Disc golf in OKC
Our senior developer, Matt, spent his summer close to home playing disc golf at Dolese Park.

Maggie in front of Eiffel Tower
Cold weather couldn’t stop our Marketing Associate, Maggie, from enjoying the Eiffel Tower on her trip to Europe. The cold temperatures were the perfect excuse to buy a Parisian scarf.

Blue skies and a cruise ship
Snorkeling, shopping and tasting the local cuisine filled the week-long cruise for programmer Chris and his family. Don’t let the blue-skied picture fool you; it rained the whole trip.

Calvin the greyhound on the beach
Calvin enjoyed the sand and sun during the National Greyhound Conference in Pensacola, Florida. Oh, I guess his owner Emily (Outlook magazine account executive) had fun too.

Amy in the hospital with new baby
Senior graphic designer Amy spent a few days getting pampered and waited on hand and foot during her vacation at the spa (hospital). She even got a souvenir (Maximus) to take home. 

Dave lost in Colorado
When the president of the company, Dave, wasn’t lost and looking at directions, he was sport-touring across Colorado during his two week vacation.

Girls trip in Daytona
It was a girls-only trip for Andrea in Daytona Beach.

Floating cabins at Lake Murray

Reyna enjoyed peaceful weekends away from the web department swimming and fishing at the floating cabins at Lake Murray.

Sandy on a sportbike
CFO Sandy patiently waits while her husband, Dave, figures out where in Colorado they are.  

Sun Recording Studio

Jonathan and his wife celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in Memphis visiting old recording studios.

Jon on his Harley
, senior programmer, met with fellow bike lovers at Sparks Oklahoma Bike Week. This summer he also got a new Harley.

Bethany leading the camp

Outlook magazine print project manager Bethany spent her time off cultivating the leadership potential at a summer camp for high school students. Way to make the rest of us look bad, Bethany.

Ryan's custom home

Looks like graphic design isn’t the only talent Ryan has. His family’s custom-built home will hopefully be done by the end of the year.

Jessica with her box

Jessica spent her summer in and out of physical therapy due to a pesky fender bender. Here she is with her ever-present electrical stimulation unit used to relax some of those fast-twich muscles. Well, that’s what she says. Now more than ever we’re convinced she’s actually a robot.

Four Seasons Hotel pool

Laura vacationed with her hubby while celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary at Four Seasons Resort in Las Colinas, the same resort they stayed at 23 years ago on their honeymoon.

JR with coyote

JR saw Mumford & Sons, Alabama Shakes and a stuffed coyote driving a truck during The Gentlemen of the Road festival in Guthrie.

As you can tell, our summer was eventful both in the office and out of it. Make sure to like us on Facebook to see if our autumn is as good as our summer.

drawing congratulating Amy Samuel on five years
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