What Makes a Design Print Portfolio Great

Artists call them string books. Journalists – clip books. (Grandma – a brag
book.) For companies or freelancers alike, often the term “Portfolio
covers it all. Depending upon your craft, both physical and digital
forms of portfolios may be relevant. (After all, even Grams has taken
her crusty plastic wallet insert with pics of the kiddos out of her
pocketbook and onto Facebook these days…) That’s right, in today’s
high tech age, it’s pretty clear that without an online portfolio, you
may be missing out.

As a individual graphic designer seeking work, you may miss out on
potential freelance or full time career opportunities. As a company,
you may miss out on potential clients browsing online design portfolios
to narrow their choices. We find that our portfolio is the most popular
page on our entire website. In either case – freelance or design firm –
it’s important.

Back40 Design Group is well known throughout the state for full
service design capabilities, from award-winning websites, to innovative
logo design, and all corresponding marketing materials – but even we,
need a “Brag Book” to keep things interesting. We help 50+ clients a
year with multiple print services, so creating a print portfolio that
encompasses the large variety of clients can be a challenge.

But beyond the range of companies, is the multitude of products,
which creates even further variety. From the typ