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Weird and Wacky Google Results

Last month I wrote a blog post on how Back40 is kind of like an ad agency. How we offer a lot of the same services for our clients. It was called “Like an Ad Agency — Without the Latte Machine.”
Strangely enough, the post put us on the first page of Google (position 6) for ‘latte machine.’
While this high-ranking result can be seen as worthless for getting us web design business, I view it differently.
High-ranking results for relevant topic searches get us business, but so does increased traffic. Increased traffic helps search engines rank our site as popular, and gets us more attention from those search engines.
It’s what’s called the “long tail” view of site content. The higher amount of less relevant terms may get your website more traffic and possibly more business than the few highly competitive relevant terms. See visual example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Tail
In any event, perhaps its time to start selling latte machines along with our web design, graphic design and Javelin Content Management System.

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