Website Designs: Before & After

This past week, we launched two website redesigns that bring a little more color to the web. When re-doing your website, the important thing to remember is you must redesign with purpose. Although updating photos and tweaking content can be beneficial to keeping your website up-to-date, a simple facelift without strategy can only go so far.

  • Perhaps your strategy could be gleaned from your website analytics by looking at the most popular pages and then capitalizing on the popularity by enhancing that information.
  • Another strategy could be redesigning with the purpose to sell or market more products. The redesign would include streamlining the user to the products and making the buying process more efficient.
  • Even a simple brochure site can be redesigned with the purpose of appealing to a younger target audience by modernizing the look and content of the site.

Take a look at our most recent sites redesigned with the purpose.

Oklahoma County Medical Society

From the designer:

“It was important to OCMS for the website and logo redesign to remain
professional and classic, but with modern updates. The result is a high-end
design that is much easier to digest, featuring main objectives on the homepage
that are more accessible by new visitors and long term members alike.”

From the client:

“It needed to look lively and be extremely easy to use, both for
our members and staff. We got a new logo, new look, new website and
more. Our members absolutely love it!”

Keystone Adventure School and Farm

From the designer:

“We wanted the website to show the unique mission of the school by incorporating
elements of nature that the children are surrounded with daily. The end goal in
the design was to portray the school’s organic and full of life experience. We
also reorganized the information hierarchy to feature what was most important to
the success of the school and the children.”

From the client:

“We appreciated the openness to our ideas and willingness to think ‘outside the screen’ with us! The design component was deeply important to us as artists and lovers of learning.”

Is it time for a redesign?

The answer is most likely, yes. The web is ever changing. Even if your website was made in 2011, it can look outdated.

We have done hundreds of website redesigns for clients, all which have been redesigned with purpose. New layouts, custom programming and refreshed
content all have a strategy behind them. Give us a call and let us help you bring your website to full potential.

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