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We’re So Over Oklahoma City

It’s a simple problem of supply and demand.

A significant portion of our marketing projects are for regional clients. Quite a few of these clients request images of the Oklahoma City skyline for their print and web marketing projects. Here’s the problem, there are so few cityscape images available through stock photography websites. And the images we’ve located through local custom photographers are great, but the usage rights are quite expensive and well above our client’s print and web marketing budgets. What to do? Might as well rent a helicopter and take the shots ourselves. That’s exactly what we did.

Back40 Design takes to the skies to capture OKC skyline photos

Back40 designers, don your flight suits.

We rented a Robinson R44 helicopter, took off the doors, strapped in two of our awesome graphic designers and our favorite freelance photographer ─ and put the trio into low altitude orbit around Oklahoma City proper. Our excursion consisted of two flight segments, one late afternoon and the other early evening.

Flying high over the city was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our Senior Graphic Designer Ryan Kirkpatrick, “The sessions were an absolute blast and the view was breathtaking. It was a surreal feeling to fly over the Devon tower and through downtown in such a small, agile aircraft – something I will never forget.”

Back40 Design OKC Skyline Photo

A special thanks goes out to Johnny Baben with Interstate Helicopters for an amazing ride. Harnessed 1000 ft above the city isn’t how we normally work, but with an opportunity to capture the city we love with game changing images for our clients, we couldn’t resist.

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