We’re a Google Partner!

Lots of Oklahoma City web agencies will tell you they can help with your Google AdWords campaign – but only trusted agencies can earn Google’s seal of approval and get listed on Google Partner Search.

Back40 Design - Google Partner Agency

What’s it take to be a Google Partner?

It means Google trusts that we know what we’re doing – whether it’s helping you sort through your Google Analytics data or managing your monthly Google AdWords accounts.

You can’t just buy your way to Google Partner status. You have to earn it. And maintain it. Here are the requirements that our agency met to become a Google Partner:

  • Certifications: To get certified, an individual must pass at least two AdWords certification exams, including Search Fundamentals Exam and an advanced exam.
  • Best Practices: We’ve demonstrated that we’re maximizing our clients’ performance by implementing recommended best practices in their campaigns.
  • Spend: Our agency has a healthy amount of activity and meets the spend requirements across our managed accounts.

Why Google AdWords?

People are searching Google for services you offer, ready to take action ─ seize this opportunity and win new customers.

If you’re looking for people who are:

  • Ready to purchase
  • Ready to learn more
  • Ready to sign up
  • Ready to set an appointment

A Google AdWords campaign will put your business right in front of them.

How Can Back40 Help?

Launching and maintaining a successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign takes knowledge and time. And as a trusted Google Partner, we will determine the best keywords, write ad messages, test ad groups, determine bid amounts and continually monitor your PPC campaign.

What’s Next?

Let’s talk about the ways your company can reach new audiences on Google search, shopping and display networks.

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