We Like When Clients Buy Us Lunch!

Back40 designers, programmers and developers enjoyed a free lunch yesterday from the Edmond Fine Arts Institute. Leslie, Genevieve and Mitzi provided numerous pizzas (from Hideaway) and a giant cookie with gobs of icing that proclaimed “Thank You for Saving Our Life” – apparently a message that conveys how happy they were with their redeveloped online registration system. It’s doing what it’s supposed to do – simplifying class enrollment and decreasing back office workload.

We were somewhat confused by the “Saving our Life” message. Perhaps we underestimated how much the custom programming impacted their business or there was some sort of cookie delivery mix-up. We wondered if somewhere there was a group of surgeons looking at a cookie that said “Thanks for Slinging Awesome Website Code!”

Thank you Edmond Fine Arts Institute! Visit and sign up for some art classes!


Note to our 250 other web clients: Hold the anchovies.

Other custom registration systems Back40 has developed:

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Girls Scouts Western Council

Oklahoma Red Cross

National Guard Association of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Communities Institute

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