Two Weeks of Launches

We’ve had so many projects launch that we needed two whole weeks to showcase them on social media. Just in case you missed it on your Facebook feeds, here’s what we’ve been working on recently in our Two Weeks of Launches.

Catalyst Behavioral Services

Health and Medical Website Design

Catalyst Behavioral Services wanted a website that was inviting, interactive and informational. With the new web and mobile design, we wanted to not only make it inviting, but make it easy for visitors to find what they needed.

Thomas Ag Consulting

Oklahoma Business Website Design

Thomas Ag Consulting a great example of how custom programming can make your life a little easier and your fingers free of paper cuts. This website for Thomas Ag Consulting doesn’t just look good; think of it like Craigslist but for seed.

I actually got a quote from one of our programmers who gets paid to sit in a dark room all day problem-solving for our clients:

“Thomas Ag Services wanted a website where farmers could enter their seed inventories into an online marketplace to make it easier for distributors and retailers to find and purchase their seed.”

Before this programming, the client managed all of these inventories by hand, resulting in tons of paperwork, tons of spreadsheets and tons of time. With the custom programming, everything became digital.”

Back40: making clients paper-cut free one online database at a time.

Champion CNG

Oklahoma Business Website Design

Champion CNG came to Back40 with the idea to showcase the benefits–both for your wallet and for good ol’ Mother Earth–of converting your vehicle to compressed natural gas. To do this, Champion wanted an online application to crunch numbers and show the user how much money they’d save with a CNG conversion.

A team of two Back40ers tackled this project.They combined their design, development and programming superpowers to heal the web one site at a time. Let’s call them the Dynamic Duo. Can you tell I recently saw Thor? In theaters now, BTW.

First, came the math-y part, Matt Milburn used his programming super powers to write a web application that used average miles, the cost of gas and other numbers (OK, I’m in over my head here) to estimate the amount saved by converting to CNG.

Then, came the art-y part. Ryan Kirkpatrick wanted the app to not only work good, but to also look good. The original design specs called for input field to gather information and calculate results – our team of two went the extra mile and upgraded the project to include sliders. This made the web app easier to use and some might even say…entertaining. The client was pretty jazzed too. With a simple slide of the mouse, users can see in real time how much money they could save annually.

In the end, our Back40 Dynamic Duo created an application imbedded within both the desktop and mobile site. If you’re looking for a monetary incentive to convert to natural gas, look no further. If you’re not, well… the sliding scale is still pretty fun to play with.

Monica Neely, DDS

Oklahoma Dentist Website Design

Monica M. Neely, DDS isn’t your average dentist. As a self-admitted “fearful dental patient,” she wanted to make sure her established cosmetic dentistry office was anything but scary. With aromatherapy, warm towels, a bubbling water fountain and numerous TVs, it could take a while to realize you aren’t in a spa. However, the gig is up when they start scraping the plaque off your teeth.

Monica wanted her new website design to reflect the stylish and tasteful décor of her office and appeal to her clients, the majority of whom are women.

During the design meeting, our graphic designer tapped into his feminine side as Monica discussed her love for burlap, torn paper, ribbon and chalk boards.

As you can see by the finished product, he made Monica (and Pinterest-lovers everywhere) very happy.

Tulsa Riverwalk

Oklahoma Tourism Web Design

“We’re having a problem with the website design. The entire thing is in another language. It looks like Latin or something.”

Whenever this question comes our way, we assure the client that we haven’t accidentally entered their website text into Google Translate. What “language” they’re actually seeing on their site is just filler text.

It’s known in the design world as Lorem Ipsum. It’s used during the first draft of designing so the client can focus on the layout of their future site, instead of the small details like content. We make sure to take it off once we move into the development and content stages of the project. Google “Lorem Ipsum Fails” to see what happens if you don’t remember that step of the process.

At first glance, it may look like we forgot to take off the Lorem Ipsum of Tulsa RiverWalk’s website. But don’t worry, it’s actually the Muscogee (Creek) language.

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation, who recently purchased the RiverWalk, wanted to tie the new website to their culture and history. Besides the Muscogee (Creek) translations throughout their site, it also features a directory of locations around the RiverWalk and leasing opportunities.

Now you can brush up on another language and find the nearest ice cream store on one site. It’s a win-win situation.


Oklahoma Business Website Design

You know you offer a good service when your past employee can think of no other provider that they would rather work with, even after moving across the country.

Before Ryan Hickman was Chief Technology Officer of AllisonHouse in Colorado, he was one of our own. His official title was Back40 Senior Programmer, but sometimes we refer to him as The King of Javelin. In his 4 years at Back40, he reprogrammed our Content Management System into what it is today: an easy-to-use way for our 450+ web clients to update and manage their websites.

Despite Ryan’s experience with web development, he said it was quite a bit different being involved on the client side. “While at Back40 Design, I was mostly focused on the programming aspects of a website,” he said. “But this time I had input on the smallest details, and it impacted the final design.”

The AllisonHouse homepage design is an example for “storytelling through scrolling.” It also highlights all four of the company’s target audiences. It’s obvious that Amy and Ryan still make a great team, even when they’re over 600 miles apart.

Oklahoma Dental Foundation

Oklahoma Association Website Design

In the past four months, we have gained seven dental clients. Yes, that’s right, SEVEN. Do you know what it’s like to meet with so many clients with great dental hygiene? It has been a constant reminder to schedule a teeth cleaning.

Oklahoma Dental Foundation is bit different than our previous feature, Dr. Monica Neely. ODF is an organization that educates dental professionals and offers oral health care to Oklahomans in need.

Their big initiative is Mobile Smiles, a traveling bus that provides free dental care across the state. We are currently designing and developing the individual Mobile Smiles’ site.

ODF’s site design is all about being bright, cheery and inviting. I mean, look at the second photo on the homepage slideshow. Have you ever seen a child so happy to get his teeth brushed?!

Energetic Wellness

Oklahoma Business Website Design

At Back40, our definition of “energetic wellness” is making sure the coffee pot is always brewing. To our client, a Certified Nutrition Counselor, it means creating energy for balanced living through eating healthy, consistent exercise and other health benefits in her 7 Law of Wellness.

This website launch coincided with the release of Dr. Menzel’s book, The Transformation. Through a custom product module, visitors can purchase the book and other health supplements straight from the website. Health is only a click away.

Urban League OKC

Oklahoma Nonprofit Web Design

Thirteen years ago, many of our clients were nonprofits. It was a great way to grow to the business and to help them broaden their impact via the web. The skills we gained through working with nonprofits early on have really helped us learn the value of the client’s dollar.

We loved working with Urban League on their new site. The homepage, with the social media integration and prominent calls to action, is a valuable resource to those looking to get involved with the organization.

If you click through their site, you’ll be amazed with the amount of informative content that’s neatly organized through their main and sub navigation.

Flourish Pharmacy

Oklahoma Health and Medical Website Design

The final installation in our Two Weeks of Launches was Flourish Pharmacy. If you’re having a bad day, just take a look at this website design. The white space and smiling faces will certainly turn your day around. Flourish’s website goes to show that you don’t need a ton of colors and patterns to make a website look inviting.

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