Turning print designers to the ‘dark side’

Back40 seems to have a knack for turning print designers into web designers. Josh Hatfield is our latest convert. Josh interned at Back40 while he was completing his design degree at Oklahoma Christian University. While here, he worked mostly on print projects, the Edmond Outlook magazine and some Flash design assignments. After getting his degree, we wished Josh well as he took a full-time graphic design position at OKC-based publication. 

Fast forward nearly a year when we became thrilled to add Josh back into the line up. As a new full-time graphic artist at Back40 Design, Josh is heading up many projects – including the editorial and art for the Edmond Outlook magazine. Earlier this month, we lowered his resolution, replaced his CMYK with RGB and threw him into the ‘deep end.’ We gave him his first official website design project. 

Watching print designers move to the “dark side” can be eventful. Many experience panic, and analysis paralysis, which if left untreated can produce websites that look like tri-fold brochures. But not Josh, he nailed his first website design project. The client loved it. To Josh’s credit, he really picked up on what the client communicated in regards to navigation scheme, usability, and look & feel.

A great designer should be able to work across several different mediums. If you are a Back40 designer, it’s required – period. Our projects cross web and print. We do logo design, brochure design, ad design, website design, outdoor signage design, packaging design – anything our clients need. Our clients appreciate our designers flexibility and range.

It’s nice to have Josh back. He’s a welcome addition to the Back40 Team! 

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