Transforming Customers into Advocates with Digital Marketing

Purchase Funnel

In our last blog post, we shared the journey of dog-mom Candace going through the purchase funnel (awareness, consideration, evaluation, purchase) and how digital marketing impacted her decisions at each step.

But don’t let your digital marketing strategy end at purchase – use it to transform your customers into loyal brand advocates.

Let’s continue Candace’s journey, and see how digital marketing can help build a better relationship with her through the post-purchase funnel: Retention, Expansion, and Advocacy.

Back40 Post-Purchase Digital marketing Retention Tactics


Candace returns home with her first bag of organic dog food from your store.

At the time of purchase, Candace decided to have the receipt emailed to her and notices a message from Blossom Bark in her inbox. Along with the receipt, the email asks if she’d like to sign up for your newsletter for 10% off her next purchase. She clicks yes and becomes a subscriber to Blossom Bark emails.

A few weeks pass, and Candace receives an email from you inviting her to come in for the Blossom Bark Benefit Day, where, for every 10lb bag of dog food purchased, your company will donate a can of dog food to the local animal shelter. She checks Facebook later and sees the event in her timeline.

Candace admires your company’s efforts to help shelter animals and also remembers the 10% discount she has in her inbox. She decides to visit Blossom Bark for another purchase.

Back40 Post-Purchase Digital marketing Expansion Tactics


A few months pass, and Blossom Bark has become Candace’s go-to for dog food.

She opens Facebook and sees a new post. Blossom Bark is now offering a new service – pet housing! This is perfect because Candace plans to go on a weekend trip at the end of the month, and has come to trust you as a business.

She follows the link to your website and learns more about your boarding (rates, services, what’s included). She books Blossom Bark to take care of her dogs while she’s out of town.

Back40 Post-Purchase Digital marketing Advocacy Tactics


After returning home from her weekend trip, Candace is so impressed with Blossom Bark’s quality of service that she wants to tell people about it. She takes to Facebook and posts a photo of her dogs at Blossom Bark, sharing how well the Blossom Bark team took care of them, and how much they like the food you sell.

You see her post and respond back. You thank her for being such a loyal customer, and how much of a pleasure it was to have her dogs stay at Blossom Bark over the weekend.

Candace sees your response and truly feels connected to your company. She’s hooked and a customer for life. Additionally, a few of her Facebook friends see her post and are now on their own journey through the purchase funnel as they look into Blossom Bark for their dog food needs.

Back40 Post-Purchase Digital marketing Tactics

By utilizing post-purchase marketing, your company was not only able to turn Candace into a lifetime customer but also gain potential new customers in the process.

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Purchase Funnel
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