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The Ultimate Customer Survey

Graphic Design -- Oklahoma City, OKRecently, OSU Graduate Lauren Wheat called many of clients to learn more about how they originally heard of Back40 Design Group, what was the most influential factor in choosing Back40, and how would they describe their experience with our design firm to others.

We commissioned this exercise to ensure that our company goals were properly communicated to our clients through our branding materials, website, and staff interactions. It was important to hear directly what the clients had to say about their customer experience without any bias. Lauren’s status as a current intern with a Marketing degree was very beneficial to gain clear insight into our client thoughts with this one month phone survey.

We did not want clients to feel as though they had to simply “be nice” and say kind things to a Back40 staffer they’ve already developed a relationship with, so Lauren prefaced all her conversations by letting them know they could be honest and direct with her because their comments would be part of a compiled report. (Thus, the quotes below were provided anonymously).

The observations ranged from long-time clients who have multiple sites with us, to brand new website customers who recently re-branded their logo and print projects… up to 40 in all… Yet no matter the size of their company, or the type of design project they required, they all seemed to use the same common phrases.

  • “Perfect”… “Good”… “Great” – 12 comments
  • “Easy to work with”… “Helpful” … “Friendly” – 9 comments
  • “Professional” – 6 comments
  • “Knowledgeable”… “Cutting Edge” … “Technology” – 5 comments
  • “Communication” … “Responsive” – 4 comments
  • “Timely”… “Quick” … “Efficient” – 3 comments
  • “Accommodating” … “Flexible” – 3 comments
  • “Local” – 3 comments
  • “One Stop Shop” – 2 comments
  • “Creative” – 2 comments

Other words client’s used to describe Back40 Design Group were:

  • Quality… Thorough… Reliable… Experienced… & Proactive.

This was great news to hear. Each word rang with the sound of success. We work day in and day out to ensure our client’s are satisfied with not only our services and products, but with the way their treated. Our goal is always to make them feel secure in referring their friends, family, and fellow businessman to Back40 for any logo, web, or print design needs in the future.

I would suggest to any business owner big or small that each take a look at their business practices through the eyes of the most important people on Earth – your customers. Whether you identify areas of improvement, or if you bask in the glow of praise, the exercise is well worth the effort. Good luck!

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