The Mobile Movement – It’s Here!

Back40 Design Group has built award-winning websites for the last 10 years. With over 300+ Oklahoma companies utilizing our exclusive Javelin® Content Management System, it was a natural fit that Back40 continue to lead the way in technology advancements, including Search Engine Optimization and Mobile-Friendly Websites.

We are proud to create your Mobile Site with specific easy-to-use features for iPhone®, Blackberry®, and Android®. The following will clarify the “Mobile Movement” and how Back40 will enhance your company’s brand by catering to your client’s Smart Phone needs.

Mobile Usage will surpass computers by 2011… Are you ready?

  • iPhone®, Blackberry® & Android® sales, along with other “Smart Phones” are expected to surpass computer sales WITHIN 6 MONTHS FROM TODAY.
  • Why so soon? Think about it. You don’t carry your laptop while shopping. And that dusty home computer doesn’t ride shotgun on your commute to work. However, your mobile device is your lifeline. Most American cell phone users are never more than 2 feet from their phone.

Mobile website design

How will Mobile Websites immediately affect my company?

  • To ignore the growing mobile market is to disregard your customer’s needs. If you say “not now” to mobile, you will be left behind in only 6 short months while your competition advances forward.
  • Mobile surfers spend less than 5 minutes each site seeking the exact information they want.
  • In a world where everyone owns a mobile phone, your brand perception will dramatically decrease when your website presents the wrong content, in the wrong order, with painfully slow downloads. Difficult to find action items like e-mail or phone numbers frustrate mobile users.

What makes a Mobile Website different?

  • The mobile philosophy is “’less is more” – 1 click access!
  • Less photos = less load time
  • Less text = less frustration, easier to find important information
  • Less pages = less vertical scrolling, no horizontal scrolling
  • Click to call! Click to view map! It’s all just one touch away on a Smart Phone.

How do I know the website is being viewed by mobile devices?

  • Back40 Design provides extensive reporting capabilities in one, easy-to-use website – Google® Analytics. You simply log in and click “Mobile” to view your stats:

Mobile Devices: Stats for iPhone®, Blackberry®, & other mobile devices are displayed.

Mobile Carriers: Detailed information on mobile & and carriers are displayed.

Visits: Shows how many hits your website receives specifically through mobile devices.

Pages/Visit: Details how many pages the web user viewed during a certain mobile visit.

Average Time on the Site: Shows how long each mobile user viewed your website.

% of New Visits: Defines whether mobile users are new to your site, or returning visitors.

  • Today’s search engines can recognize a computer user versus a mobile user. We make it easier for mobile-specific search engines to quickly find and display your mobile website to their phone, while not affecting typical laptop or computer users who want to see your full & robust website.

How can Back40
Design Group help my company?

  • Your mobile site can be launched in just 1-2 weeks
  • Your Brand color scheme + Logo is automatically included in the design
  • Up to 5 Mobile Pages of condensed content automatically included
  • iPhone® + Blackberry® + Android® compatible
  • Your future edits are a snap within our exclusive Javelin® CMS
  • Only a small, one-time set up fee required to launch your mobile site
  • Mobile hosting is FREE for all current Back40 Design web hosting clients – included at no charge Please note: If you are not a Back40 Design Group hosted website within the Javelin® CMS system, additional fees for a mobile domain, and monthly hosting charges may apply. Domain Name Service (DNS) access is required for proper installation.
  • Want more? Professional writers, editors, & graphic artists are available for mobile site customization. Need additional mobile pages? No problem. Add-on services for any customization or additional pages can be discussed with your Account Executive.

Call JR Ross at 405-478-4080 today to discuss your Mobile Website options!

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