The Greatest Project We Can’t Show You

Back40 Design: Blurred out site design that we can't show you.

It’s disappointing when you do great work but can’t show anyone. Well, we can show some people – our client, but it’s not for public display. To be clear, we are contractually bound not to display the work in our portfolio or enter the work in the American Advertising Federation ADDY awards.

Bear with me, I’m not complaining. I love the work. I am just a little sad that we can’t show it off.

For the past 3 years we have done an amazing microsite for a very popular fast food restaurant company out of Oklahoma City. I’m sure you are familiar with this long-time establishment. These websites we design, build and host for them are only made available for their franchise owners and employees.

We understand and respect our client need to protect trade secrets, restaurant growth plans and internal announcements – so we’re good with keeping a lid on the said projects. They’re a great client and it’s a creative project our designers to forward to working on.

We’ll keep designing and in this particular case, not showing off our wonderful work. And we’ll keep honoring our agreement which will allow other design firms to win more ADDYs. I guess that’s good news for somebody.

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