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Successful Cross-Over Clients

We are thrilled to announce yet another successful launch for a
“cross-over” client. Our team thoroughly enjoys the unique opportunity
of serving a company in more than one marketing aspect. Sometimes their new website
design follows an exciting new logo we’ve created. Other times, our
Edmond Outlook magazine clients decide they need an easy content
management system for their website.

JewelSmiths, of Edmond, is one such client. As a long-time business
owner, Arthur Gordon has been featured in our local magazine for his jewelry
expertise, and he’s enjoyed continued success with his monthly
advertisements that reach 50,000 readers. All that advertising creates
extra traffic, as well as a need for a new and improved website

“JewelSmiths website design was an exciting project to work on,” said Amy Sharp, Back40 Design Group graphic designer. “The
products JewelSmiths create in and of themselves are creative and
beautiful. I enjoyed finding and developing the imagery and creating
the custom backgrounds and design elements for this website design. The
design overall is eye catching and memorable just like the jewelry at

homepage focuses on the key action items that are most important to his
business. For example, you instantly see the tagline, “40 plus years of
jewelry experience,” immediately setting the tone for his level of
expertise with a phone number visible on the upper fold of the site.
The calls to action are clear: “sell us your gold”, “contact us”, and
“new products” are easy to read. As you move throughout the site, the
navigation is simple and clear for web users, creating a terrific
overall experience.

Back40 Design Group is proud to serve local businesses, like
JewelSmiths, with the latest in web design and development. However,
what makes this client experience special is the full service
experience. It serves as an excellent example of our overall design
capabilities – from web, to print, logos, and even magazine ads – we
enjoy creating ideas from start to finish. We hope you enjoy
JewelSmith’s new website as much as we do!

Reyna Wilcox, Web Project Manager, said, “Arthur and Teresa were a joy to work with. There is nothing I enjoy
more than training someone how to edit and update their website, and
watch them take to it with excitement. They have become ‘experts’ at
Javelin in a short time and enjoy adding pages and images on a daily


If you would like more information on our Javelin Content Management System and how it can help you business grow online, please call us at 405-478-4080.

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