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Social Media: Only Part Of The Enchilada

Many business owners I’ve talked to do the majority of their marketing on Facebook and Twitter and don’t even have a website. It’s easy to understand the desire to save money by relying on social media to promote your business. But is it enough?

Social Media TacoIn today’s world, a website is the face of your business. My first “office job” was as a receptionist, and the owner told me mine was the most important job in the company because I was responsible for making the first impression on our clients. Well, this is exactly what your website does.

Facebook is a great tool for interacting with your customers and spreading the word about your business, but spreading the word isn’t exclusive to positive experiences. The time commitment needed to manage comments and maintain constant interaction can be overwhelming.

With a website, you gain the opportunity to really show what you and your business is all about. You are not limited to the Facebook page structure, you can express yourself through customized colors, fonts and, navigation. Each page can be tailored to relate more information about your business or product. With the Javelin CMS, it’s incredibly easy to keep your content fresh and add photos and video. You have full creative control of your website.

Most importantly, your website will be more easily found by search engines. People still search on Google for any and everything. The same can’t be said for Facebook’s search engine. One thing about the world wide web that hasn’t changed is the importance of high visibility. Those at the front of the line are chosen first.

So, absolutely take advantage of social media, but think of it as the cheese and onions in your whole enchilada.

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