Setting Your Business Apart with Print Design

Print Design

In our ever-digital world, it’s easy for companies to forget how print design can benefit their business. After all, if you can update everything online with a few clicks, why bother updating your print materials?

Here’s the thing though – people still want tangible items.

Print continues to be one of the most trusted types of marketing in America. Investing in well-designed, quality print materials increases customer confidence. Small and simple or large and complex, printed materials deliver an impact.

Take a look at the variety of recent projects we’ve created.


Family Builders host a variety of educational training courses throughout the year. They use booklets as the primary tool to communicate their course lessons. Unlike digital courses, booklets require the undivided attention of its reader. But, it’s important that they actually want to read it.

Thoughtful design keeps a reader engaged.

Investing in a professionally designed piece can strengthen your brand, deliver a powerful message, and instill confidence in your audience.

Family Builder booklet designed by Back40 Design


If your company has several core products and services, a printed catalog is the way to go.

Catalogs offer your customers a better way to navigate what product of yours is right for them. They can physically interact with it – highlighting or circling products, moving them closer towards a purchase. Not only that, but they’re also easily shareable. Including a catalog in direct mail marketing can lead to a boost in sales!

Mid-America Rigging recently upgraded from a single 3-ring binder of page-protected product sheets to a professionally designed and printed piece they can easily hand out or mail to prospective clients.

Mid-America Rigging catalog designed by Back40 Design


Every company needs business cards because they create a lasting connection. Keeping an updated, well-designed card makes your company memorable and potential customers more likely to get in contact with you.

There are many ways to make business cards memorable: rounded corners, unique shapes, and even texture. Our business card design for Dulin Law Firm has gold-painted edges, giving it a sleek and professional look sure to stand out from other traditional cards.

Dulin Law Firm business card designed by Back40 Design


There’s an endless number of ways print materials can be used to your company’s advantage. Have an idea? Stop by our office or call today to see what print marketing can do for you.

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