SEO Educational Series – Part 2

How is website optimization different from paid Search
Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Back40 Design Group optimizes all websites as a part of our
custom design and Javelin CMS development process. And free Google
Analytics detailed reports are provided standard for all website clients.
The steps taken during this process are detailed in the First Blog of this SEO

However, paid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is different.
Instead of showing you what is currently happening on your site, a paid SEO
package plans your rise within the search engine rankings.

What does SEO typically include? What time line can I expect?

There are 4 main phases with an SEO Campaign with Back40 Design Group. Full results are typically reflected 6 months from Coding and Outbound campaigns, but many clients experience and increase in ranking momentum in less than 90 days.

1. Research/Link-Building (1-2 weeks)
2. Coding/Programming (2-4 weeks)
3. Outbound Campaign (Up to 8 weeks)
4. Monthly Maintenance (Ongoing efforts each month)

How do I pick my keywords for the Research & Link-Building Phase?

You don’t have to do it alone! Back40 Design Group’s expert SEO team is here to help. We utilize special, individualized research
to show clients what can optimize your particular website more effectively. The
research phase typically takes at least 8 hours of research.

The SEO Research process consists of studying your industry,
and selecting the correct keywords and phrases that generate the most effective
web results. We often recommend choosing the top 5 keywords or phrases most
important to your company’s image, marketing plan, or services. Then, simply
add geographic variations (such as Edmond or Oklahoma) to those top 5 words to round out your 10 choices.

SEO Keyword Tips: The keywords you choose should be set
within reasonable expectations of your overall SEO score, refined audience,
saturation level, and competitiveness of the industry or terms. For example:

  • Competitiveness is affected by name brand vs. local products/services, as well
    as how many times that keyword is searched, and how many results are already
    available. Back40 can take your possible keywords and research whether they might be effective for you before you settle on the final Top 10 key words.
  • Saturation is affected differently for keywords under 500,000
    results, vs. over 1 million results. Go to Google and type in the keyword you want to be found with… how many results are there?
  • A refined audience with targeted phrases
    vs. broad generalized terms will yield better. Do you need CEOs to find you? Decision-makers? or the Average Joe living in your metro area?
  • Your current SEO ranking will affect how far you need to jump up too. If you’re on page 25 of results, versus page 3 – it’s clear for you to determine how much work might be involved, and how long it might take to jump a small gap versus a large canyon.

What is Link Building?

Link Building is the act of seeking out Internet forums,
blogs, and online directories to promote your website with an increased number
of backlinks or inbound links. This adds to your Search Engine relevance, but
must be done carefully by a professional because each site you link to can
either hurt or help your SEO based on that website’s reputation, relevancy, and
current ranking within search engine models.

How do I know paid SEO will work for me, with real results?

We like to think a past indicator of success speaks volumes, especially when it’s straight from the client.

“I contacted Back40 Design Group to build the website for
Oklahoma Casino Guru. My business is strictly Internet-based, so it was vital
that my website meet all my expectations of visual appeal, ease of use,

I couldn’t be happier with Back40 and all they have done for
me. They are so easy to work with, very efficient and creative. I was so happy
with my website that I have also used them for design of my marketing materials
I send to clients.

They also do my SEO which has been a huge boost. I moved
from being non-existent on Google, to now being on page 1!
Back40 Design Group is top-notch… and I am often tough to
please or impress.”

– Leigh Standerfer

How can I learn even more about SEO Campaigns?

To speak with a Back40 Design Group Account Executive regarding your SEO needs, or keyword questions, please contact JR Ross at 405-478-4080 or

To read more of this SEO Educational Blog Series, visit Part 1 to learn about SEO-Friendly Websites.

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