SEO Educational Series – Part 1

What is Search-Engine Friendly Web Development versus a Paid SEOCampaign?

Back40 Design Group builds websites to be accessible for both end-users and search engines. We build each website within the Javelin Content Management System so it’s optimized for theInternet in order for your website to work smarter, not harder.

That’s exactly what “search-engine friendly” web development means – making your website work smarter, without a full-fledged Search Engine Optimization, AdWords, or other ongoing pay-per-click campaigns.

Back40 Design Group takes several programming steps to ensure search engines, and online users can easily find your web page, without requiring a fully paid Search Engine Optimization campaign. Why? Because some sites don’t need to pay for an AdWords or SEO Campaign to perform well. Some do.

We believe in an honest assessment of your company’s search engine rankings and SEO needs. We strongly suggest letting Javelin work for you first, in order to assess whether any SEO Campaigns are even required. You won’t be sold something BEFORE you even know if you need it.

The majority of Back40’s Oklahoma Web Design clients are satisfied with their search engine results simply by utilizing Javelin CMS. We do have clients, due to the complexity of their industry and difficulty-score of their key terms, that have requested SEO Campaigns.

So how does a Back40 website work smarter, not harder?

  • We make it easier for search engines to quickly seek your web page by designing our websites in CSS (tableless design). This cuts down on the amount of backend code use