SEO Educational Series – Part 1

What is Search-Engine Friendly Web Development versus a Paid SEOCampaign?

Back40 Design Group builds websites to be accessible for both end-users and search engines. We build each website within the Javelin Content Management System so it’s optimized for theInternet in order for your website to work smarter, not harder.

That’s exactly what “search-engine friendly” web development means – making your website work smarter, without a full-fledged Search Engine Optimization, AdWords, or other ongoing pay-per-click campaigns.

Back40 Design Group takes several programming steps to ensure search engines, and online users can easily find your web page, without requiring a fully paid Search Engine Optimization campaign. Why? Because some sites don’t need to pay for an AdWords or SEO Campaign to perform well. Some do.

We believe in an honest assessment of your company’s search engine rankings and SEO needs. We strongly suggest letting Javelin work for you first, in order to assess whether any SEO Campaigns are even required. You won’t be sold something BEFORE you even know if you need it.

The majority of Back40’s Oklahoma Web Design clients are satisfied with their search engine results simply by utilizing Javelin CMS. We do have clients, due to the complexity of their industry and difficulty-score of their key terms, that have requested SEO Campaigns.

So how does a Back40 website work smarter, not harder?

  • We make it easier for search engines to quickly seek your web page by designing our websites in CSS (tableless design). This cuts down on the amount of backend code used to display web pages. Search engines (such as Yahoo®, Google®, Bing®, etc) prefer our tableless design method because it increases the ratio of “content-to-code” for their parsing and indexing. In other words, we make life easier for the search engines.
  • Also, in our process of building a website, we take extra precautions to properly name headings, subheadings, URLs, page titles, alt attributes, tag clouds, image tags, and other “behind the scenes” features of a web page so that your front-end is easy to navigate, while the back-end code of the website code is easily parsed by search engines to enhance your website’s indexing and ranking.
  • Our Javelin Content Management System allows website administrators an easy way to update their site regularly. Recent updates and fresh content add to your relevancy and tell search engines like Google that your website is valid and valuable. With Javelin CMS, you can easily log into your website every day to update blogs, publish news articles, add photos, and much more. And if have a Twitter account, Javelin CMS can automatically feed in and display your Tweets. 
  • Almost all live websites can be converted to Javelin CMS for a minimal fee to see these terrific SEO-friendly results prior to starting any paid SEO Campaign. Hundreds of our clients have seen valuable search engine results with just the basic Javelin feature set and search-friendly coding.

How do you know the search-friendly coding is working, or if you need additional paid SEO services?

  • Back40 Design Group provides extensive reporting capabilities in one, easy-to-use website: Google® Analytics. This free service allows you to log in and see all the action your website is generating, including the following:

Visitors: Graphs, charts, and percentages of how many new users view your pages.

New Visitors vs.Return Visitors: Detailed information distinguishing new users from previous individuals who are viewing your website a 2nd or 3rd time.

Page Details: How long users stay on a page, or if they bounced off quickly.

Traffic Sources: Web visitors came from: search engines, direct traffic, or referring sites.

Map Overlay: Shows each website button, page, or advertisement and how many clicks it received during the specific date range so you can determine the most popular.

Geo-location Map: Map of where web users are viewing your site, worldwide to city level.

  • If between 30 to 90 days from site launch, your website has not reached the search engine rankings you desire, a paid SEO Campaign may be in order. A Back40 Design SEO campaign will boost your results, and maintain their continued high ranking.
  • Why? Depending upon the nature of your industry, your website, and your desired keywords, sometimes an additional effort toward link-building, blogging, and SEO programming is required. The next blog in this Education Series on SEO will cover these terms, and the exact definition of a paid SEO Campaign.

To ask directly about Back40 Design Group’s paid SEO Campaigns, pricing, and options, contact us by email, or call JR Ross at 405-478-4080.

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