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Rare Event: Passing up a Website Client

Ok, I passed up this website client literally, just north of Oklahoma City on I-35. It wasn’t very difficult. Look how aerodynamically challenged this client is. Me, on the other hand, I was all low-slung in my mid-life crisis vehicle, sporting a minimal drag co-efficient. It was an easy pass, so easy, I was able to document the moment with a quick pic.

In terms of web design, we actually did pass on part of this client’s project. We don’t host the DonationPickup.org website. A most rare situation, because most every client we work with chooses to maintain and update their Back40 website with our hosted CMS product, Javelin. We were a little perplexed, but still very happy to assist in the design and cut-up of this project.

We developed our CMS to be an easy-to-use updating tool for our clients. Over 350 of our website clients use it. Awesome as it is, deploying a client’s website with Javelin CMS is not mandatory. And DonationPickUp.org simply chose to utilize our web design and cut-up services.

Rarity documented.

Other clients I have recently passed on the streets of Oklahoma City:

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