Part 4: How To Pick The Right Facebook Ad Type

STOP! If you haven’t read our second post in this series, How to Choose an Objective for Facebook Campaigns, go back and read it now. (Thanks!)

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Now, onto our fourth and final post about Facebook Ads.

There are many different types of advertising options on Facebook. Which ones are available to you depends on what objective you selected for your campaign. This post covers the Top Five ad types, and some pointers for each:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Page Likes
  3. Clicks to Website
  4. Local Awareness or Store Visits
  5. Lead Generation

Top Five Facebook Ad Units

Brand Awareness

What It Is: Post text, an image, a headline, link description, link and call-to-action (“CTA”) button.
When To Use It: You want to reach people who are likely to be interested in your brand and pay attention to your ads.
Design Tips: Keep the image bright, on-brand and high-quality. Use minimal or no text on the image. For a brand launch or a product brand, consider using a Carousel of 3-5 images to showcase different products or different aspects of your company or organization.
CTA: “Learn More.” When someone clicks this button, they’ll go to a page you’ve selected on your website.

Page Likes

What It Is: A post with an image that asks people to like your page.
When To Use It: You want to build your Facebook following.
Design Tips: Use an image that represents your brand and what you do on Facebook. Use minimal or no text.
CTA: “Like Page.” When users click this, they’re able to Like you immediately, without visiting the page.

Clicks to Website

What It Is: An ad that promotes your website or a specific web page with an image, a headline and a link description.
When To Use It: You want users to visit your site or read a specific article.
Design Tips: Use the copy to convince the user why they should take time out of their day to browse your site or read an article. The image should either be your site, or an image that the user will see when they get to the site.
CTA: “Learn More” or no button, since the entire post is a link to your website.

Local Awareness

What It Is: A post with an image, ad headline and ad text, plus a CTA.
When To Use It: You want people in your area to know you’re local, and you want people to stop by.
Design Tips: Include your storefront, interior, or something that confirms the local feel and will look familiar to your audience.
CTA: “Get Directions”

Lead Generation

What It Is: An ad with a lead generation form attached to it, so you can collect information from people interested in your business.
When To Use It: When you want to capture leads without taking people away from their Facebook news feed. This is particularly useful for causes, events, or products and experiences that can be explained quickly.
Design Tips: Explain the lead generation and any promotion or benefit the user will receive. For example, “Sign up for our newsletter and get 20% off your first purchase.”
CTA: “Sign Up” will start the form process within the ad space.


When you’ve chosen the objective for your next campaign, make sure it lines up with your audience and creative. You’ll achieve the best results when your creative is as relevant as possible to your audience and what you want them to do.

Ready to start a campaign? Need help setting goals, choosing a target audience or designing your ads? Back40 can help!

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