Parallax Scrolling & an Out-of-the-Box Insurance Agency

Parallax website design cartoonLynnae Insurance Group certainly breaks the insurance industry stereotype.

First, it’s easy to see the difference from its outward appearance. There are no old guys in suits carrying briefcases. In fact, Lynnae owners Mike and Jill Kahn look more like they’d be running a trendy local restaurant than an insurance agency. There’s no humdrum office space with bad coffee. Their place is sleek and modern, and they even have an espresso machine if you’re looking for a little pick me up before your life, home, or car insurance meeting.

Secondly, and most importantly, Lynnae prides itself on being different and not merely in outward appearances. The business is family-owned. Mike and Jill have been building relationships with hundreds of families over the past 10 years. For Lynnae, it’s not “business as usual.”

Lynnae goes beyond the typical insurance agency look-and-feel and it needed a website that emphasized that philosophy.

“Our vision was to have a totally different looking website than any other insurance site on the web. We wanted a site to match our culture of being young and up-to-date with technology,” said owner Mike Kahn. “With the flood of competition, we knew that if it didn’