On-Page Optimization for SEO

On-page optimization is how you apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques directly to your website and the pages within it. It isn’t difficult, but it requires a few extra steps that you might not think to take.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is an integral part of on-page SEO and is also probably the least understood.

Did you know that the ideal keyword density is 2%-5%?

That’s it. Two to five keywords for every 100 words. For your ideal keywords, at least. Don’t be afraid to use your keywords, just try not to overuse them. Keep your text readable.

It’s also considered ideal to keep your ideal keywords close to
the beginning of the page text, within the first 50-100 words.

The trick is to use variations on your keywords and phrases. Keep the keyword density of your most desired words at that 2%-5% density and then use variations of those words for the rest. Good variations are alternate ways to say your keyword.

Keyword Variation Example

Bad Variation of “Box”

  • Boxes
  • Boxing
Good Variation of “Box”

  • Storage device
  • Crate
  • Case

How to practice good keyword density in Javelin CMS

Use any module that takes text as an input (that’s all of them).

The Title Tag

The text contained in the title tag will display at the top of the browser and in the page’s tab (when using a multi-tab web browser). The title tag is the first thing search engines read on a web page. The first word/phrase should be the #1 target keyword and the rest should be descriptive. You don’t have to pack in the keywords, but do explain w