Old Flash vs. New Accessible

Back40 Design recently launched two OKC website designs which replaced old Flash sites with brand spankin’ new easily accessible websites. Take a look at the before and afters below.

Back40 Design redesign of flash website Safety2go

used to be where websites were at! Flash was used to add animation,
video, and interactive web pages. The problem is there can be so many
negatives that come along with Flash websites:

  • slow load time
  • requires a browser plugin in all browsers
  • need a professional to make updates (which means more bills for updating your site!)
  • hard to manage site map
  • not very user friendly
  • text which search engines have difficulty crawling
  • no alternative content for screen readers
  • is not supported by most mobile devices
  • introduces additional security holes for your computer to be compromised by malicious software

Back40 Design redesign of flash website Boiling Point

Although in the past Back40 incorporated Flash into accessible websites as simple image rotators, we have quickly changed with the times and now use JavaScript in our image rotators. We have also been replacing many Flash websites, created by other firms, with more accessible websites because our clients have experienced at least one or all of the negatives listed above. So what does an accessible website mean for our Oklahoma web design clients?

  • faster load time
  • fewer browser plugins to rely on
  • easy to update with no cost using Javelin CMS (our content management system provides 24/7 access!)
  • sites that are simple to manage with Javelin’s site map
  • designed and developed websites with usability in mind
  • fewer distracting movements and sounds for users
  • opportunities for live html text for better SEO
  • plenty of alternative content for screen readers
  • supported on mobile devices

We just love making our clients happy and kicking their Flash to the curb!

Dave Miller re-writing a website contract
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