Everyone needs a little NICE in their life…especially creatives, but of course I had to share NICE in a unique way at our last creative meeting. I arrived at the office early that morning and created my very own post-it note art inspired by Galeria Melissa which I found on Étapes

Here is my :] in post-it note art.

post-it note art

Ok, so how is this NICE? Well everyone does love a good smiley, but I didn’t stop there. After all of the attendees to our creative meeting watched the amazing post-it video I read a NICE Assignment: Hold a Gratitude Session, from Operation NICE written by a graphic designer, which talks about reminding yourself of all the things you have to be thankful for and how this can create a more positive attitude!

All of the creatives held a 3 minute gratitude session together. We sat around the conference room table with music and the big smiley in the background and took time out of our day to write lists on our own sheets of paper of things we are thankful for. After we all wrote our lists I asked everyone to write at least 2 things from their list on the smiley post-it notes with a marker. We filled lots of post-its and even offered the opportunity to share thanks to the entire office.

thanksful post-it note art

Some of the things Back40’s thankful for include: