New Look + Happy Client = Success

For over 25 years I have watched my dad, Tim Sharp the Operation Manager for Tri-State Electric, build his career. During the years I was growing up, I too was building my own career by developing into an artist and graphic designer. Luckily for Back40 Design Group and Tri-State Industrial Group, these worlds crossed paths when I was given the honor of redesigning Tri-State’s web site.

Gary E. Allison, CEO and President of Tri-State, contacted Back40 for the company’s website redesign. Gary, whose daughter was once my babysitter, came into his design meetings with an open mind and a willingness to explore the options Back40 was presenting for his company.

Tri-State recognized their need for a new website, but they were initially unsure of redesigning their company logo. Gary told me all about Tri-State so their logo design would communicate who they truly are and strive to be as a company. It was interesting to me how close I felt to Tri-State through my dad. When I was given the opportunity to discuss their company in our design meetings, I found that there was much more to learn.

It became very evident to me that Gary’s company was impressive in their professionalism, knowledge, expertise, and creative thinking. Through our design meetings, we concluded Back40 would address the foundation of his brand image, which at the time did not reflect all of the things which make Tri-State the total industrial solution. We first redesigned his existing logo and then created logos for their sub-companies, which further helped their business functionality.

The design process began and Back40 developed a completely new look and feel for Tri-State. The first step was choosing a font that would have a strong impact and a modern edge. The font then w