New Kid on the Block

Maggie Cannon, new Marketing AssociateHello, everyone. My name is Maggie Cannon, and I am a new Back40 Design employee.

This is where you all say “Hi, Maggie” in unison to make me feel welcome and accepted.

I’ve never been “The New Girl” before. Born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma, I knew my classmates from the playground days (where some ate paste) all the way through high school (where some still ate paste).

I didn’t travel far for college. Although my wardrobe slowly transformed from the navy and silver of my high school days to crimson and cream, I still was surrounded by familiar faces while receiving my degree in Advertising from the University of Oklahoma.

Soon after graduation, I was hired as Back40 Design’s new marketing associate, a position centered around helping our clients and company connect.

My position as marketing assistant is the ideal “first job:” a win-win of applying my skills in marketing, and providing the opportunity to learn more about the web design field.

On the morning of my first day Back40, while waiting in the parking lot (an hour early for work), I suddenly felt like the new girl in school about to walk into the cafeteria for the first time. Was I prepared? Would they like me? Are my shoes totally last season?

However, my anxieties were unnecessary. The Back40 team has been very welcoming, very helpful and very excited to have me here.

Even after only one week working at Back40, I’ve already learned so much about website design and development. I sit in on meetings and can’t help but exclaim “wow!” out loud as our designers and developers demonstrate what Back40 does best—creating interactive, fully-function, and, (for the lack of a better word) completely awesome websites for some of Oklahoma’s most well-known businesses and services.

And with a blog post written, multiple meetings attended and a significant amount of coffee drank, I know I am on my way to no longer feeling like “The New Girl” and becoming a (for the lack of a better word) completely awesome marketing associate for Back40 Design.

It’s nice to meet you; I can’t wait to work with you soon. (And give you my very first business card).

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