January Randomness

Publishing an interview with a toll booth worker involves a fair amount
of red tape. After making numerous trips to the Turnpike Authority to
arrange the interview, coordinate schedules and conduct the interview,
Teddy Burch, managing editor,racked up quite a few toll charges. The
final straw was showing up at the westbound booth to take pictures and
then being told that Stan was working the east bound route. “Stan was
only ten feet away from me, but to shoot photos, I had to go around and
it cost me another dollar.”

Potential clients say the darndest
things. This month, I have a new, all time favorite. A women called to
inquire about our website design services. She asked, “How much to slap
a web page up on the Internet?” That was an instant classic. I told her
we don’t slap pages up on the Internet. What we do is more of a process
of discovery and development where we work with the client to create
the project. Click.

This month, we welcome the return of Sarah
Bailey, who recently graduated from UCO’s design department. Sarah
interned at Back40 earlier this year. We were able to secure her
commitment with Back40 through hours of heated negotiations and the
promise we wouldn’t make her drive any go carts. “Sarah is a talented
designer. The only thing I have seen her struggle with is driving go
carts at Pole Position in Oklahoma City. The carts go 40miles-per-hour;
she goes like 10 — max.” explains Dave.

We learned some
interesting facts about the Back40 staff at one of our recent company
get-togethers. While dining on Chinette, we played a game where each
staff member told two lies and one truth about themselves. The rest of
us had to guess which one