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It’s your domain. What you should know.

Domain names, we all use them every day. Sometimes called the web address, the URL, or (my favorite) the “earl”, no matter how you say it, every company should know some basic information about their domain name.

  • Where is your domain name registered?
  • Who is the administrative contact on file?
  • Do you know your log in information to access and modify your domain name information?

Domain name cartoon

Since most domain names are renewable for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of up to 9 years it is easy to forget or misplace your information. Often times, the domain name was purchased by a friend, previous employee, or board member and it can be difficult to access the information.

Questions about your domain

  • Did you forget who your own domain registrar is?
  • Can’t remember where you bought your domain name?
  • Has your street address or email address changed since you reserved the domain? Do you know that means you won’t be notified of pending domain name expirations because the registrar cannot reach you?

Find out about your domain

Using Domain name WHOIS lookup records can provide all of that information to you and help you regain control of your domain name.

All domain registrar companies have a method in place to regain control of the domain name if you can be shown to legally own the domain name. However the steps can be difficult or impossible to prove if your own company information isn’t listed in the WHOIS record.

So I urge you to be informed. Know what you need to know to keep one of your company’s most important assets for success safe and secure.

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