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Is your Website Lost in Translation?

Do you know how many people leave your website because English is the only language on your website? Of course you don’t, and, unfortunately, there is no way of knowing. Translators have been on government, medical and news websites for years. However, we have seen a growing number of clients asking to add language translators to their website.

I met with a client, Piedmont Public Schools—http://www.piedmontschools.org/—about a year ago, to discuss redesigning their website. Over the past several years, the diversity of their student makeup had changed. They really enjoyed the growing number of ethnic students, however, they felt many of the parents could not speak English and probably rarely used the school website which was designed as a resource for the students and parents. They really wanted to have some form of translator but assumed it would be extremely expensive. They were pleasantly surprised to hear just how easy it was to add a translator to their website.

Language translator

Imagine you took your family out for yogurt and they only offered vanilla. Why should your website be any different? With so many different options of free or inexpensive translators, you can have your pick. Below are just a few of the translators out there:

It is amazing how advanced website language translators have become in recent years. The days of straight translation are gone. Here is an interesting article on the process of how Google translate has changed throughout the years.

If you are interested in adding a translator feature onto your website, just let us know!

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