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Interesting Things we Learned on Boss’s Day

Last Friday, the Back40 crew evacuated our new location for a long lunch at Platt College’s Chefs di Domani Restaurant.

Oh my, if you haven’t – you should. All 15 of us dined  like fancy folks. We enjoyed tasty entrees like Blackened Salmon, Stawberry Spinach Salad and other dishes I cannot pronounce (I’m French language impaired).

During our outing, we learned some interesting things about some of the staff. Ryan Hickman admitted that he’s a weather geek and a dedicated storm chaser. Who knew? And Reyna Wilcox is a speed reader. She consumes a 200 – 300 page paperback EVERY night before be d. She credits yard sales and the public library for the care and feeding of her literary addiction.

Other revelations include:
Josh Hatfield is obsessed with creating large canvas paintings
Matt Ledford makes horror movies with his friends
Stacy Brasher’s puppy know’s 11 tricks, but seems to be stuck on roll-over
Scott Stubblefield just recorded a CD with the Hollis-based band called Aycho
Dave Miller. I like to ride my Ducati ST3s. Anywhere.

Thank you Platt College. We enjoyed lunch and your hospitality. Platt College is a web and Edmond Outlook client – we like them.

We should do lunch more often.

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