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In-House Projects From Hell

Why are in-house design projects… projects from Hell?  Me, I’m the reason.

Some of the designers here at Back40 say I am their worst client nightmare. With feelings slightly hurt, I write this post. And gently weep.

Sorry Krystal, Josh and Amy. Design has always been my passion. Back40 grew up out of my freelance design studio in Prague, America (looking out over the back forty). Though I’m not designing on a day-to-day basis anymore, projects can still benefit from the 25 years of my design experience.

So when I ask you to tighten up the kerning on a headline, or tell you to move something to the left… no, back to the right… and back to the left again – its because I care about our work and I want it to be the best it can be. If that makes me the client from hell – I can live with that. Append that to my official title of ‘Overlord.”

Having said all that, I can attest that Krystal, Josh and Amy are among the most talented designers we have ever had here at Back40. And our efforts to limit my (micro)management of client projects has worked out well. These designers produce great work and great results for our clients. It’s our company marketing materials I wrestle with.

Dave Miller
Overlord & Client from Hell

Back40 Design
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