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Improving your standing in search results

A lot of people ask about the best method to rank higher within search results for Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. Understanding how search engines work can be an overwhelming leap for some people but with the right amount of dedicatbenion you can be armed with the knowledge to understand what you can do to help people find your website more easily.

You hear a lot of talk about SEO this and SEO that from some of the more technical marketers out there, and it can prove to be a vague topic with a big price tag. Understanding what all is involved can help you to be more prepared to get the service that you need from professionals you trust.

Building links to your website

The first step in securing a higher position in search engines is building incoming links from other websites. The best websites to get links from are sites related to your industry. So if you sell horses in Oklahoma then it extremely beneficial to get links from horse ranches and horse breeders in Oklahoma.

The next step in building links to your website for search engine optimization is ensuring that your “anchor text” is related to what you do. Anchor text is text that links to your website. The more relevant the text to your target keywords the better your chances of doing well for that keyword are.

So the more websites you have linking into you with relevant text the better Google or Yahoo will understand what your website is about and rank you more prominently in the search results for that keyword. So, for instance if you do web design in Oklahoma you would want sites linking into your site with that text. See what I did there?

Using headings properly in your site

Using a heading tag within your site adds prominence to how keywords are ranked for search engines and can help you to tell Google what the web page, or paragraph is about. You don’t want to overuse these— being concise is as important as being relevant.

There are various different heading tags you can use from h1 to h5, the lower the number the more importance you are placing on the containing text. In the text editor supplied with your content management system solution that we provide, you can select the heading you would like to use from the drop down box. This allows you to easily assign importance to certain parts of your webpage.

There are a lot of other methodologies to getting ranked better in search engines that we can help you to achieve through research and analysis of your traffic trends and target audience. Armed with these two ideas you can easily help yourself to rank better in search engines.

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