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If you can understand complex liver functions…

Hanna Saadah and his wife, Judy, are lovely people and I have especially enjoyed working on their new website. Dr. Saadah is a physician and a writer. The website focuses on his novels and poetry. The design of the website is unlike anything we have done before. Amy Sharp, Back40 graphic designer, did a great job – the Saadahs love it.

Clients who immediately describe themselves as “un-tech savvy” are my favorite to work with. Demonstrating our Content Management System, reminds me how easy Javelin is to understand and update web content. And it’s rewarding to show these clients easier ways of doing things. Dr. Saadah had his training on a Friday and he planned to spend the weekend working on edits.

He placed his first help desk ticket at 8:30pm Friday night. He was panicked that he broke the site by deleting too much and he would never be able to “work this thing”. We corresponded over the weekend and I showed him how to retrieve the data, step-by-step. Since then, he has changed his content on EVERY page, added and rearranged his page structure, put in new images, and is blogging regularly.

During that initial weekend, as I improved his level of confidence – I said a phrase I will probably never get to use again …. “If you can understand complex liver functions, you can work Javelin.” To me, that said it all.

Happy Clients = Happy Project Manger

Project Manager Bonus! I got to read an advanced copy of Dr. Saadah’s new novel. Knowing my love for books, my co-workers and clients can appreciate how much this means to me.

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