HTML vs. CMS: Define & Translate Please

It’s safe to say that HTML-only websites are yesterday’s news. Why? Well as the Internet spread, websites went from being an optional part of your marketing budget – to a live or die medium. Today, you ponder more over
whether to spend the $100 on a wet, soggy yellowpages ad on someone’s front porch than $3,500 on a custom-designed website that instantly highlights your company’s potential directly to an international audience, on-demand, 24/7. The choice seems obvious, doesn’t it?

Of course as all technology does, websites spread through younger and younger generations over the years – teaching HTML code along the way. Myspace taught kids as young as 16 that could insert an image of their choice onto a friend’s comment zone, or that they  could insert a paragraph break in their long-ranting blog
about how much homework they were busy not finishing. Well, for those of us adults who live in the real world, running from Starbucks to the office and back home again, only to catch a few zzz’s before the work
alarm – learning HTML code seemed like the last item on our to-do list. So we mostly hit the SNOOZE button for a few years.

Fast forward a few years through Facebook and Twitter swallowing Myspace – and of course, where there’s a will; there’s a way. Confusing HTML which once required you hire a full time, in-house WEBMASTER, began to step aside for a fa