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How We Get Referrals from Non-Clients

Like all businesses, I get some phone calls from people who in all likelihood won’t ever become a client. In the web development industry, these calls are usually “price checkers” or “idea guys” who think they’ve just figured out a way to monetize something spectacular on the web. Occasionally, we also get the “help me figure this out” call from a frustrated website do-it-yourselfer gone wrong.

Web Design Client CartoonWhatever the case may be, how I handle these calls says a lot about my design business. Here’s what I do when someone calls with the next killer app or a sure way to surpass the greatness of Google. I …

  1. Take the time to listen. Keep in mind, listening is active verb.
  2. Then, I engage them. By engaging the caller I have the opportunity to make a valuable suggestion or introduce them to a new way of thinking.
  3. At the very least, even if it’s not the right website project for my company, I do what I can to give them something of value before the conversation ends.

Why do I take the time? Because Back40 Design Group is actively working on client projects in advertising, web marketing, website design, branding and publishing. We can offer the caller value and experience from a wide range of experience. I want them to know, they’ve called the right place – even if a dime never changes hands.

Too many busy business owners, this might seem like a waste of time. However, I can tell you from experience, this works! We’ve gotten new print and web design clients because that caller remembers you provided value to them, and they share that value with others in their daily conversations and interactions. You never know if the caller’s spouse, neighbor, or co-worker just might be the right fit for you.

Referrals are an effective and cost-efficient means to getting new business. I share this to remind you that some ideas don’t require fancy referral programs. So by listening, engaging, and adding value, the person who calls our office will remember that they had a positive experience interacting with us. Without their advocacy, you’ll never know what “perfect project” might have been just around the bend.

It’s been said talk is cheap. I agree and would change it up a little – talk is cheap and can be very valuable in getting you new business.

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