How I Figured Out Twitter

I asked Scott. Scott works for Back40 and he isn’t available to teach you the
ins and outs of tweeting – at least not on company time.  Fear not, I
can help you figure out twitter. It’s a 5 step program.

  1. Find someone like Scott (more about Scott later)
  2. Sign up for a twitter account
  3. Tweet
  4. Ask Scott to review your tweets
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4; discard step 4 when Scott says its OK, or when he becomes annoyed with you.

How to identify a Scott-type person?
Look for someone who tweets a lot. Simple. People who tweet are mostly friendly types and willing to tutor a newbie.

I have just saved you an afternoon of sitting in a ‘Social Networking’ workshop run by
someone who knows about as much about social networking as I do.

Extra Bonus:
I have just saved you $18 on a “How to Twitter” type book; $14 if you bought it on Amazon (like I did)

If you Tweet, you will make mistakes. No big deal. Keep at it. It will be awkward at times. Right Scott? Oh, I’m sorry, am I annoying you?

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