Graphic & Web Designers Creative ‘SUPER HEROs’

Over the past 6 months we’ve been having monthly creative meetings at Back40. In attendance: web designers, graphic designers and front-end developers. We all get together to share lunch – and anything or everything creative. The structure is pretty loose. We all usually bring stuff to talk about:

  • blogs we find interesting
  • recent work we want to show the group
  • outside design work for inspiration
  • website designs we like
  • new CSS techniques and ideas

‘Super’ Designer Meeting

We take turns leading the meetings. Our last meeting was a ‘Super‘ meeting. Seriously. Krystal, one of our designers, led the creative meeting with an assignment. She asked everyone to take 10 minutes and create their own super hero based on themselves. Each person had to draw their super hero, come up their super hero’s name, describe their super powers – as if that wasn’t enough, we had to also a create a nemesis. What’s a super hero without a nemesis anyway? Here’s your Back40 creative team of super heroes:

Name: Thermostat / Lightbulb Man
Power: Ability to detect and mitigate flagrant lightbulb abuse and unauthorized thermostat adjustments.
Archnemesis: Costly energy waste

Created by Dave Miller, president


Name: Kamikaze Zombie
Power: Can’t die kind of. I kamikaze dive my airplane
into my enemies. Then I get right back up and do it again. I also spread
zombie disease… therefore no one will ever be able to love me
(this character has depth).
Archnemesis: Robot Dinosaur Army, led by Robotasaurus Rex and Triceraclops (a triceratops with one eye that shoots lasers)

Created by Matt Milburn, CSS developer

Name: Captain Common Sense
Power: Flies over the city and shooting people with her ray gun of common sense.
Archnemesis: People who have lost the ability to use logic or reason when making decisions. I am seriously outnumbered.

Created by Krystal Harlow, graphic designer

Name: Stealth
Power: Ability to turn into a shadow and enter/move through shadows.
Archnemesis: Optic High Powered tech suit that can blast energy beams from the
palms of his hands capable of knocking Stealth out of a shadow and
temporarily disrupt his shadow power. He also wears a specialty designed
helmet capable of:

  • Low Light Amplification
  • Heat Vision
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Electromagnetic Vision
  • Proximity Detection

Created by Josh Hatfield, graphic & web designer

Name: Dr. Do
Power: Ability to doodle anything she likes/wants and make it come to life.
Archnemesis: Mr. Shred who goes around trying to shred her doodles to take things she likes/wants out of her life.

Created by Amy Samuel, graphic & web designer

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