Fascinating for about 5 minutes

I no longer have a fear of public speaking. I used to. However, I got a lot of experience talking to crowds, groups, and gatherings from my cartooning days. I would speak on creativity, what its like to draw and write a cartoon strip, and what its like to be syndicated nationally. I find I can speak on anything that I am passionate about. Don’t ask me to speak about plumbing fixtures – something I know nothing about, that would be a problem.

Earlier this week, I was asked to speak at a marketing event. Terri Folks, marketing consultant for the Oklahoma Health Center Foundation, tapped me for the task. Back40 redesigned the OHCF website a couple of years ago. The new website has been doing very well and Terri has referred us several clients since then.

I spoke to a group of about 20 marketing, PR, and communication professionals, an excellent turn out according to Terri Folks, which is surprising because I was a last minute speaker. I conclude that it was the catering by Ted’s that truly filled the seats.

I decided not to eat before I spoke. My plan was simple – use the buffet as a reward for an enlightening, entertaining 20 minutes of web wisdom. We discussed social networking, blogs, twitter, RSS, content management systems, and search engine optimization.

In closing my presentation, I thanked Terri and the group for inviting me to speak. I told them I can be fascinating for five minutes. I obviously went way over that and they had all been very patient.

Any attendees who were not glazed over in techno-haze or debilitated by digesting Ted’s buffet thanked me for coming. And of course, I thanked Terri for inviting me.

Did I mention Ted’s catering?  I rewarded myself.  It was excellent.


Sir Vancelot
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