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Excellent Online Tools to Build Mediocre Logos

Hello, new prospective client. Thank you for visiting with us about
your project. A new logo? Yes, we can most definitely help you with
that. Let’s talk about your company, customers, products and services
and …what? You just wanted a logo – not a lot of questions? And the
project goes off the rails.

I just want a frickin' logo - web design cartoonThe meeting seemed
to be going well enough, at least up to the point when the prospect learned about process and
project deliverables. She couldn’t understand why we only present one or
two logo design concepts. She wanted to choose from a dozen designs. She wanted
to know why we don’t do that. After all, as she said, “Isn’t that your job?”

Our job, as I
explained, is to apply our experience and our proven process to a specific set of design criteria. I went on to tell her, if we ask the
right questions about her business, her clients and her mission, we can
narrow our direction and bring all our research together and present a
solution that would meet her business needs and likely exceed her expectations.
After all, we’re trusted design professionals. Hmm. That
didn’t go over very well.

The resistant prospect still wants a dozen
logo designs to choose from. Patiently, I investigate further and
discover her previous experience with logo design consisted solely of
using free online tools. She mentioned several websites that allowed her
to create as many logos as she wanted from a vast collection of clipart
and screen fonts; all for free. Isn’t the web truly fantastic? Turns
out she wasn’t the right client for us. And we parted ways.

Professional Graphic Designer vs. Free Online Logo Maker Websites

left column below highlights some recent logo designs by our in-house designers. The column on the right represents screenshots of the same designer’s efforts utilizing a variety of free online logo maker applications. Contact us about
your valued project or go forth and create mediocre work.

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