Enhance a Website with Web Applications

Web applications are specifically designed functions that add usability to a website. Generally, web applications (web apps) involve custom programming. Here are some real world examples of web apps Back40 Design’s designed for our website clients. Web applications can be public-facing or for behind-the-scenes tools for website administrators.

Displaying Allergy Reports and Pollen Counts

When we redesigned the Oklahoma Allergy & Asthma Clinic website, we were asked to create a web app that displayed the grass, tree, weed and mold levels for a particular date. A custom module maintains the application within the site administration system. Website administrators with specific permissions can log in and enter the levels.


Managing Leads From a Site

An example of a behind-the-scenes web app is the lead manager Back40 developed for Platt College. After redesigning the school’s site, we were asked to assist with developing an application that organized routed and tracked “more information” requests from the various Platt College departments and locations in Oklahoma City and Texas.

The web application is a custom module that resides inside our proprietary content management system. It has multiple uses with separate location and department permissions. Requests for more information are automatically sent to specific Platt Admission contacts.


Serving Up Zip Code Specific Web Content

Allegiance Cable in Shawnee, Oklahoma needed to display market-specific channel line-ups from their new site. First time visitors are greeted with a splash page requesting a zip code. Once submitted, the site logs the information and routes the user to the home page on future visits. Users, however, are not forced to enter a zip code to access the site.

Allegiance Cable administrators maintain their content listings on their own servers and the hosted website pulls the information into the listing pages.

The Allegiance site is an example of a website that utilizes Back40 Design’s own content management system and a client-specific custom-programmed application in tandem — remarkable flexibility for a large business system.


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