Do I need a Website Redesign?

Redesigning your website not only gives you a chance to update its look, but also to update its functionality. Starting a new project for your website allows you to reevaluate its purpose, reorganize its content, and make any fundamental updates you just haven’t gotten around to.

Upgrade its usability

The point of a having a website is to have people use it. Good content is a start, but with the web expanding daily, chances are that text isn’t the only thing you need going for your site. If you have an outside service you rely
on to interact with users, think about fully integrating that into the
site. Having an on-site blog, calendar, various forms, documents, etc. that are accessible from your site helps ensure your users will never have to leave it to get what they want.

Integrate a new look

Your website’s look-and-feel may have been cutting edge when it was first designed, but it’s been years now. Years don’t mean much in “real life,” but in internet time, it might as well have been decades. It’s time for an update. If your site looks out of date, users might not trust you to have up to date content and resources. Updating your functionality and your design at the same time saves you the trouble of trying to integrate new technologies into old ones. Think square peg in a round hole: you’ll need a mallet and something has to break.

2 things to redesign website cartoon

Plan it out

It’s your site