Credit Card Transactions and E-Commerce: What do I need to get started?

Many websites created by small business owners are their first steps into the world of e-commerce. Back40 Design provides an easy and relatively quick way to create an online store for the purposes of establishing a retail presence on the web. This is a great thing for many of our Oklahoma City web design clients as it provides the ability to compete outside the regional market on a national and even international level, but accepting credit cards online does require some preparatory work.

You may have just a few products, or you may want to offer an entire product line. You may be trying to gather the attention of the world for a new and exciting concept product. Your store should be focused on creating an easy way for your customers to pay online for your products with a credit card. No matter what type of products your business sells, Back40 Design has the experience to help guide you through the process.

Secure your Server with a Security Certificate

The most important, yet basic item you need for a e-commerce site is a security or Secure Socket Layer certificate (SSL, for short). Purchasing and maintaining a security certificate for any site where sensitive financial information is exchanged is imperative. You may have noticed on e-commerce websites a small padlock icon and the letters “https” in the address bar. This is one of the key indicators you are using a secure connection. First of all, it signals to prospective purchasers you are a legitimate business. Most importantly, an SSL certificate’s primary purpose is to protect the communication between two computers on the Internet.

When you establish a secure connection, a customer is sent a special “key” which is only valid between the customer and the e-commerce website. Messages sent between a customer and a secure website are encry