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Creatives Sketch for 30 Days

It’s important for the members our Back40 creative team to relax, loosen up, day dream, explore, think, and connect because when our imaginations are working we create better work and better results for our clients.

For 30 days some of our creatives sketched about things that were going on in their lives. The 30 days of sketching gave us time away from our normal projects to reflect and express ourselves through visuals. At the
following meeting we shared our sketches with one another
connecting and relating as a team.

30 days of sketches

Created by Josh Hatfield, Graphic Designer

30 days of sketches

Created by Amy Samuel, Senior Graphic Designer

30 days of sketches

Created by Krystal Harlow, Advertising & Editorial Manager, Edmond Outlook Magazine

30 days of sketches

Created by Matt Milburn, Senior Web Developer

Although you may be thinking what a waste of time according to Susan Wojcicki, Google Employee #16 SVP of Advertising at Google, oversaw the company’s acquisitions of YouTube and DoubleClick, acquired for $1.65 and $3.1 billion, respectively, and is the brain behind crowd-pleaser Google Doodles, our waste of time is actually helping us be more innovative and creative.

“We try to encourage this type of blue-sky thinking through ‘20 percent time’ – a full day a week during which engineers can work on whatever they want. Looking back at our launch calendar over a recent six-month period, we found that many products started life in employees’ 20 percent time.” (read more from Susan here)

I think the old saying “work hard and play hard” pretty much sums up this blog. Our creative team will continue to work hard for our clients and push ourselves creatively day by day and sketch by sketch to be the most innovative team in Oklahoma.

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