Before You Design Your Website

Everyone should enjoy their design
process. It is our goal at Back40 Design Group to establish lasting
relationships with our clients. After you’re ready to start your project, you’ll
begin working with a designer towards the development of your website. Before
beginning the design or redesign process, here are some simple things to think


1. Evaluate Your Company

clear descriptions of your company and your company’s vision will help your
designer create a website relevant to your visitors. Ask yourself:
·         Who are we?
·         How do we want to be
·         Where are we going?
·         Who is our target audience?
·         What specific goals are we
trying to obtain with our website?

2. Don’t Take It Personal

general, your website look and feel should not be created based on you or your
designer’s likes or dislikes. Remember your design is for your customers,
clients, perspective clients, students, volunteers, staff, and anyone else who
may make up your target audience. Of course being objective about design is a
hard thing to do, but if you try to think about your design from the user and
visitors perspective your website design will benefit.


3. Consider Your Logo

logo is the foundation and driving concept behind your brand image. If you feel
your logo isn’t portraying your company in the correct light or you’re unsure
of the quality, you should talk to your designer before beginning. If you feel
your logo is at its best then be sure to locate your logo files.


4. Browse the Web

a list of websites you like and dislike. This will help you discuss your
preferences for your company’s own website with your designer. Remember…it is
not as much about personal taste. Focus on elements of the websites you view
and write down likes and dislikes along with the website addresses. For
·         pictures really grab my

·         background feels industrial
and focuses my eye on the content

·         big button makes it easy to
make contact

·         large phone number is very

5. Be open

only should you be open to new ideas and designs, but open up with your
designer. Just like in any relationship it takes both parties to create a great
team. If you’re able to openly communicate about the concepts in steps 1-4 your
design process will be much more efficient and fun!

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