Before and After Website Redesign: Suburban Cabinet Shop

Longtime client Suburban Cabinet Shop knew it was time for a website facelift. Their custom cabinets are high-quality and they needed their website to be the same. Suburban Cabinet Shop is an Oklahoma business that designs and builds custom cabinets.

before and after SCS

New Design

This site we redesigned for them is much more representative of their high-end, high-quality custom cabinetry. We added more visual elements to each page to showcase the products they create and describe who they are as a company. We also added asymmetrical lines to the incorporate the theme of the logo.

New Design

Improved Functionality

In addition to updating the design, we focused on improving the functionality of the website for both our client as they update the site and as a visitor coming to the site. We wanted users to have a great experience on mobile and desktop. Each section of the home page flows into the next, making it easy for users to navigate no matter what device they are using. We simplified the content on the homepage and linked other pages on the site for users to find more information.

Suburban Cabinets gallery

Updated Galleries

The gallery for Suburban Cabinet Shop is a crucial element to their website. Potential customers want to see examples of their custom cabinet work before choosing the company they’re going to hire. The new website galleries are easier to view, larger and have more updated photos that illustrate more of what Suburban Cabinet Shop creates. Galleries are divided by the room you’re looking to remodel, so it’s simple to click through and find what you’re wanting.

It’s important to keep your business website updated to give your users the best experience possible. We suggest redesigning your website every 2-3 years. Thinking your website needs a refresh? Contact us to get the process started.

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