Banjo Museum to be Back40 Built

Back40 Design Group has been selected to redesign American Banjo Museum’s website. The museum tells the 300-year evolution of the banjo – from its roots in slavery, its heyday in the 1920s, its decline after the Depression
and its resurgence in all sorts of music.

Museum website projects encompass two missions:

1) Inspiring Visitors

Museum websites are challenged to reach audiences that have grown accustom to captivating online experiences. Our challenge will be to share our experience with these technologies and present effective and cost-effective solutions that market the museum and its collections.

2) Growing the Organization

Attracting funding, volunteers and income. Like many other business, a museum needs to maximize its resources to generate income. Standard features will include secure online donations, promotion of events and sponsors, and a website section devoted to promoting facility rental spaces.

Oklahoma Museum Websites designed by Back40 Design